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TR-5. Five is a magic number

TR-5. Five is a magic number

The TR-5 from MauiSails is not your average race sail. Super tuned for four seasons, it is now refined and better balanced than ever, with the softest feel yet, superior low end, and solid control at speed being the goals. Strong results in Formula and Slalom 4/2 gave us the basis for advancing the shapes and delivering the performance.

Last year we introduced a special order XT model made with
Technora™ scrim laminate that is half the weight of current
film material with equal stability. The reduced weight aloft and
supple character of the XPlyTM, makes a sail that is easier to
use, especially when combined with the normal easy handling
and comfortable character of the TR-5 design. These special
order sails will be available in sizes from 7.0 - 12.0 again in
2009, but will require advanced purchase agreements.
We have been building on an evolving unusual shaping
method, and refinement and performance consistency moving
size to size has been the focus. Developing an even tension
and smooth transition from fuller lower sections to flatter more
twisted upper sections results in excellent low end power and
amazing upwind speed. Slalom sizes benefit from similar
adjustments and a general easing of tension to make a soft

Design Brief

• Build the ultimate sail for maximum performance to win the PWA Slalom World Championships in the 5.9 - 8.4 m2 sizes,
Formula events in the 9.2 - 12.0 m2 sizes and Speed trials in the 4.3 - 5.5 m2 Sizes.
• Optimize the design of the TR-5 around MauiSails SRS100% Carbon Masts and Carbon Booms with a no compromise
objective to achieve the highest top end speeds with super stability that inspires pushing for even greater speed.
• Use a wide sleeve leading edge to make rigging super easy and increase laminar flow over the critical leading edge.

New TR-5 Developments for 2009

• Reduced Luff Curve and progressive Dynamic Skin Tension for softer feel and twisted flying shape for higher top end with no loss to low end power.
• New Camber Inducers reduce weight and smooth rotation.
• Raised Boom Cut Out opening.
• Improved Chafe Resistance against the boom on the batten pocket.
• Integrated Reinforcement Plys in high wear areas increase life.
• New Light Weight Tack Fairing with Impact Bumper.
• New Batten Tensioner smoothes trailing edge with cleaner load dispersion.

Key Feature / Benefits

Middle - Forward Draft Position with flatter entry for:
• Transferring high Apparent Wind Speeds and Angles to exploit top end speeds with super stability at all points of sail.
• Shaping optimized to carry stability and speed in over powered situations.
• Wide tuning range to take advantage of Adjustable Outhaul Systems for optimum sail shape on upwind - downwind race

Dynamic Response Skin Tension to produce a stiffer foil where shaping, luff curve and
perimeter outline is optimized for:
• Twist redesigned for higher top end.
• Stable rig tension in flying shape for high ultimate speeds.
• Close the gap foot for maximum end plate effect.
• Low aspect ratio to increase low and mid range.

Luff Curve Distribution for:
• Low Balance Point increases sailor’s confidence to sail ultra fast with total control at top speeds.
• Blends with Dynamic Response Skin Tension for super stability to deliver confidence at speed.

High Tech Materials increase the performance to price ratio of the TR-5:
• X-PlyTM perimeter disperses loads, delivers safety and confidence.
• KevlarTM skeleton seam reinforcement in body and perimeter increases stability.
• Foot Bead and Seam Bead resists chafe from board deck non skid.
• Tube-Rod Tapered battens are lightweight, stable and durable.
• Mast Sleeve reinforcement protects the TR-5 and the board from dings.
• New Low Profile Batten Tensioners employ Stainless Steel screws for long life and function.

TR-5 Target Market

• High Performance Sailors looking for speed and stability at the top end.
• Board Volumes ranging from 80 – 150 Liters designed for racing/speed sailing.
• Sailors matching the TR-5 with 100% Standard Diameter Carbon Masts.




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